Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mission Accomplished: Seattle, WA

Weather was ugly all day — temperatures around 40º F (4.4º C) with a mixture of snow and rain. After toweling off the seat and trying out some test shots, a group of rogue youngsters appeared and attempted to hijack my dry swing. Fortunately they relinquished control when I explained the urgency of the situation.

At exactly 4:29:59 pm PST, I launched awkwardly, but managed to land upright without injury to myself or any of the spectators. Upon landing, I could immediately tell that things seemed better aligned (in both my spine and the universe). The rain/snow even held off for the event, as if nature herself was aware that something of great significance was underway.

Sure, I missed the end of the UW Huskies game, but that's the kind of sacrifice I'll have to make in order to keep mankind safe from all sorts of catastrophic imbalances in the universe!


  1. I'm relieved that you were successful.

    I'm also relieved that you didn't wind up in traction, given the near horizontal angle of your dismount.

    Congratulations, Gibson.

  2. Thank you Gibson's, for embarking on this risky yet necessary mission. The universe is in good hands.

  3. Yeah, right after the photo my life flashed before my eyes. You can kind of see the panic in my face. I'm still not sure how I recovered mid-air.

  4. The years of gymnastics training pays off big time!