Monday, April 26, 2010

From Perth, Adieu

Having an infant daughter can impede one's efforts to save the world. Or so I discovered en route to this latest and final mission when my little lass decided that screaming for a feed was more important that the collective fate of the planet. But despite the 10 minutes spent by the side of the road for Breakfast 3.2, my photographer/wife and I made it to Hyde Park with 4 minutes to spare.

Luckily it was a slightly cooler day than at this time last year, and the swing set was in the shade, so marauding children were nowhere to be seen. I took my position and, after a few pumps of the arms, achieved the correct liftoff velocity.

At the precise moment, I released my grip and sailed through the air into legend.

Tucked safely into my pocket was a fantastic drawing by our friend's lovely daughter LouLou who, despite claiming that happiness was not having to eat her porridge for breakfast, drew me a nature scene with red flowers and fluffy clouds.

It has been a pleasure to serve you one and all. I hope that our combined efforts will inspire you to commit monthly acts of heroism in the name of humanity.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Signing Off in Seattle

It was a blustery Spring day in Seattle when I set out to fix the universe for the last time. The park was bustling with children playing on every piece of equipment except for one — the swing. Amidst the mayhem, the swing somehow remained unoccupied — beckoning me back to complete my mission.

No one paid much attention as I began to gather momentum in preparation for the launch. No one paid any mind to my intrepid wife and photographer as she prepared the camera to capture the momentous event. And when I hit the ground after a successful flight, the kids were still playing, the parents were still engrossed with their kids and the universe received a final simultaneous dual hemisphere adjustment (given success by Gibson-OZ).

Of course, I had the proper document tucked in my back left pocket as required. A wonderful drawing on the theme of "Happiness" by the daughter of a friend of mine. Let's hope that a universe in perfect balance will make it easier for happiness to find us all.

Thanks for following along with our adventures over the past year. It's been a pleasure saving the world for you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Final Challenge

Please excuse our lengthy silence. Since our last challenge much has changed. Gibson-US has been busy drinking beer and working on a formula to unlock infinity. Gibson-OZ hasn't really been doing much, just sitting around drinking cocktails and FATHERING A HUMAN BABY!! That's right, on Sunday, March 28th, Gibson-OZ and his lovely wife welcomed little Betty into the world. For those of you paying attention, that is almost exactly one year from the beginning of the Gibson vs. Gibson project. Although she might not understand it now, perhaps someday Betty will come to know and appreciate the great work that was done by her father and a man with the same name on the other side of the world. But, alas, our work is not finished! According to our instruments the universe needs one final adjustment before it will proceed on a course of perfect balance that should last until the sun burns out in a spectacular supernova.

In this challenge, we must revisit the original swings from which we launched ourselves and the project. When we both hit the ground it will complete the cycle of our challenges, creating a perfect circle of synergy that will finally result in the universal harmony we've sought during the last year. Here are the details:

At precisely 1:23 GMT on Sunday, April 25th we both must launch ourselves from the exact same park swings that we used for our first challenge (see photos here and here). However, this time we must each be carrying a child's drawing on the topic of "Happiness" in a pocket of our pants. Gibson-OZ will keep the drawing in his front right pocket. Gibson-US will keep the drawing in his back left pocket.

As usual, photographic documentation will be provided along with a debriefing. This is the big one, folks. Wish us luck!