Monday, April 26, 2010

From Perth, Adieu

Having an infant daughter can impede one's efforts to save the world. Or so I discovered en route to this latest and final mission when my little lass decided that screaming for a feed was more important that the collective fate of the planet. But despite the 10 minutes spent by the side of the road for Breakfast 3.2, my photographer/wife and I made it to Hyde Park with 4 minutes to spare.

Luckily it was a slightly cooler day than at this time last year, and the swing set was in the shade, so marauding children were nowhere to be seen. I took my position and, after a few pumps of the arms, achieved the correct liftoff velocity.

At the precise moment, I released my grip and sailed through the air into legend.

Tucked safely into my pocket was a fantastic drawing by our friend's lovely daughter LouLou who, despite claiming that happiness was not having to eat her porridge for breakfast, drew me a nature scene with red flowers and fluffy clouds.

It has been a pleasure to serve you one and all. I hope that our combined efforts will inspire you to commit monthly acts of heroism in the name of humanity.


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  1. Great work, partner! It's nice to know that someday in the future we can look back on this and say, "Remember that time when we saved the universe?" It's been a pleasure working with such an honorable and heroic fellow Gibson!